100% Grass Fed Burger, Hot Dogs and Sample Packs


One pound packages         $5.50/lb

10 one pound packages:   $5.25/lb

39 one pound packages:   $5.00/lb


Hot Dogs: $7.50/lb


8-10 Pound Sample Pack:  $6.00/lb

You will receive 5 lb of 100% grass fed burger and 3-5 lb of various cuts of beef.



* 1/2 Beef Bundles (160-240 pounds) available for $5.25/lb

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1/8 Beef Bundles

Includes 40-60 pounds of 100% grass fed beef for $5.75/lb


In this bundle you will receive approximately:

Hamburger: 15-25 lbs

Minute Steak: 1-2 packages

Soup Bones: 2-3 packages

London Broil: 1 package

Cube Steak: 1 package

Rolled Round: 1 package

Chuck Roast: 1 package

Arm Roast: 1 package

Filet Mignon: 1-2 packages

New York Strip: 2-3 packages

Sirloin Steak: 1 package

Delmonico: 1-2 packages

Stew Beef: 2-3 packages

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1/4 Beef BundleS

Includes 80-120 pounds of 100% grass fed beef for $5.50/lb

In this bundle you will receive approximately:

Hamburger: 30-50 lbs

Minute Steak: 2-3 packages

Soup Bones: 4-5 packages

London Broil: 1-2 packages

Cube Steak: 1-2 packages

Rolled Round: 1-2 packages

Chuck Roast: 1-2 packages

Arm Roast: 1-2 packages

Filet Mignon: 3-4 packages

New York Strip: 4-6 packages

Sirloin Steak: 1-2 packages

Delmonico: 3-4 packages

Stew Beef: 4-6 packages

Brisket: 1 package



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It starts with the grass

After years of farming we have found the perfect match of grass and animals.  Our beef are moved once a day and they happily follow.  It’s like a new smorgasbord each afternoon and they know what’s coming.

It takes generations to build soil like this.  And from the best soil comes the best grass.  High in the hills of Pennsylvania our family has worked to build this farm to what it is today.  This is how we produce our beyond organic 100% grass fed beef.  Our soil is full of nutrients and from this soil we produce the best grass.  From this grass come the most tender, flavorful grass fed beef you will ever eat.

Beyond organic, we produce the best beef, raised on the best grass, grown from the best soil.  See us at McCormick Farm to try some today.  You will be glad you did.

Beyond Organic Hay
Grass grown high in the hills of Pennsylvania

Quanities are Limited

To Order:

Call or Text:  814-472-7259

Pre-orders are strongly recommended.

We accept cash, check or PayPal  (Paypal surcharge 3%).

Delivery available with $1000.00 minimal order.  Cost dependent upon travel distance.

Free pick up at McCormick Farm by appointment only.