Our cows taking a rest after a big lunch.
Resting after lunch

Our Approach

To build the best soil, to grow the best grass, to feed the best beef takes years of working on a holistic approach to land management.  First you find the best grass which provides the best seed.  Then you let this grass grow until it’s time to turn it into seed, which we do by turning it into round bale of hay.  Then we move this hay into the field that we want to develop.  Next we unroll this hay in our new field.  Finally we move the cows and calves into the new field and let them eat this special hay.  As they eat they produce the best manure which seeds and fertilizes the new field.  Do this a few dozen times and you now have the best soil that produces the best grass that makes our beyond organic 100% grass fed beef.

Our Story

Our cattle are moved everyday to a new field.  Not only does this give our animals a new happy experience daily it gives them a variety of different nutrients.

Meet the Team

It takes a lot of hard working professionals to produce a product like ours.  A team that takes generations to build.

John McCormick

John McCormick

Founder & CEO

John specializes in researching the best breeds of cattle to produce the best beyond organic grass fed beef.

Family Farm

For all the Future Generations

"the reason why we do it all"

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