Grass Fed by Marlene

After years and years of only eating venison I was introduced to beyond organic grass fed beef by John McCormick. As a dietitian I have been trained to evaluate food, the taste of it the texture, but never did I realize that you can change the product by what is in the soil. As a city girl, dirt is dirt, right? But first you might be asking yourself, why do I only eat venison? As a scientist I am completely aware of the different processes meat in the store goes through before you buy it and I’m not putting any of that in my body. I would become a vegetarian but as a trained professional I also know that the only good sources of Vitamin B12 is meat. Without B12 you can get lots of problems but depression is a major symptom. Don’t need any of that.
So back to grass fed and why I’m here right now. I have some friends who don’t eat Bambi but are also afraid of the meat in the store so I hooked them up to this special beef raised by John. So before this I’m learning about how the animals put on weight, how easy it is for the calf to be born. Logical things you think of when you are determining is it worth it? Can you make money? So I took this steak from John that I wanted to give to someone so they could try his beef, but I accidentally let it get thawed and it needed to be cooked or it would go bad. Now when you cook venison you have to do lots of stuff to it or it taste gamey. People have told me that 100% grass fed beef taste gamey, that you must finish it off or it just won’t taste good. Well I didn’t have time, so I put some coconut oil in a frying pan and threw in the steak, thinking I could give it to the dogs if it was too bad. (Sorry John, I didn’t know.) You know when you have one of those earth changing moments? Eating this steak was like that. It was tender and juicy. The steak nearly melted in your mouth. And the flavor with no enhancements is indescribable. This is the way beef is meant to taste. Beyond Organic 100% Grass Fed Beef, you haven’t tasted beef until you experience the beef raised by McCormick Farms.
Your turn John.
Marlene, MS, RD, LD

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