Beyond Organic Eggs

Egg Layers

Our egg layers share the barn and the fields with our beyond organic grass fed cattle.  They eat the bugs from our gardens and produce the biggest and best eggs you will ever taste. 

                                        $5.00 a dozen.  

Grass Fed Beyond Organic Chickens

Sexlinks and Cornish Cross

We raise two very different types of birds at McCormick Farm.  Sexlinks are our big brown chickens that lay our big heavy brown eggs.  The shells can be harder than a commercially produced egg.  

Cornish Cross are the big white birds.  These chickens don't lay eggs there job is to fight through the tall grass and eat all the bugs they can find.  Because they are a bigger bird we supplement them with 100% locally produced organic chicken feed.  These birds have a stronger bone structure and put on a lot more weight than a commercially produced chicken.  Our birds frequently weight over 7 pounds.  Bigger bird means more meat and less bones.  A much better value for your money.

Cornish Cross             Price per Pound