Beyond Organic Grass Fed Beef

It starts with the beef.  We produce the best, most tender beyond organic grass fed beef.

Consulting Services

We specialize in pasture layout, equipment selection and watering methods.  John McCormick is available on a limited basis to consult with you on how to create what it has taken him and his family generations to build.  Consulting services are more affordable than you think.  Half day consulting starting at $400 plus expenses depending on distances.  Mr. McCormick guarantees his work.  If you do not feel he has added to your operation there is no charge.  Who else is willing to make that promise?

Farm Tours & Camping

Based on availability of staff we offer farm tours to groups large and small.  Primitive camping at our private stream is available with advanced reservations.  Group tours starting at $200.  Participants take home one dozen of our beyond grass fed pastured raised chicken eggs.

Grass Fed Beyond Organic Beef

Pasture raised chicken & brown eggs

Our happy cows share their fields with our happy chickens and the eggs they lay, but beware these are not normal eggs.  Most eggs can barely fit into a normal egg carton and are heavier.  You many need a hammer to break this shell but it's worth it when you taste the difference.  Meat chickens are available in the summer months.   Only for sale in the state of Pennsylvania on a pre-order basis.

Happy cows waiting to change fields

Our animals know when it' time to move.  They line up at the fence in anticipation of a new place for lunch.

Happy Beef waiting for lunch

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